The Funeral Home in Republic, Missouri, began its long history in the community when Mr. J.W. Britian started the first known funeral business in the 1800’s, which he ran out of the second floor of his Mercantile Store, on Main Avenue. In those days, Mr. Britian would go into the family’s home to conduct the funeral services.

Mr. R.E. “Bob” Thurman owned and operated the funeral home for approximately the next 50 years. Mr. Thurman set up the funeral home at its current location on 314 North Main Avenue, in the former home of Dr. E.L. Beal.

Later the home became Fossett’s Funeral Home, owned by Max Fossett. Bill and Jean Cantrell purchased Fossett’s Funeral Home, later to become Cantrell Funeral Home, in Republic, in 1955. In 1962 they purchased the funeral homes in Clever and Billings, making them “satellite chapels.” Bill and Jean sold the funeral home in 1974 to Dale and Carolyn Meadors. Jean passed away on May 25, 1999, and Bill passed away on December 20, 2011.

The funeral business’s current namesake came from Dale and Carolyn Meadors. Dale and Carolyn purchased Cantrell Funeral Home in April, 1974, and changed the name to Meadors Funeral Home in 1975. They also established the Triangle Ambulance Service in 1974 and sold that service in 1985. They owned and operated Meadors Funeral Home until 1999. Dale passed away on October 16, 2011. Carolyn currently resides in Republic and is a member of the Republic Historical Society.

Mr. John McCulloch purchased Meadors Funeral Home, comprising of three chapels, in Republic, Billings, and Clever, on October 21, 1999, and continues to own the funeral home. Mr. McCulloch has been in the funeral industry since 1983. Judy Ankrom is the General Manager of Meadors Funeral Home, and oversees the day to day operations. Ms. Ankrom has been with Meadors Funeral Home since 1983. She and her staff continue to serve with dedication, caring, compassion, and respect for the families in Republic, Billings, Clever, and the surrounding communities. We wish to thank those families for their continued trust in Meadors Funeral Home, a trust we do not take for granted, and genuinely will continue to strive to maintain that trust for years to come.

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